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Hello ^__^ My name is Emie and I am going to help save the world.
I am an explorer. I try to grasp every opportunity that comes my way and am constantly throwing myself into crazy adventures to learn and discover as much as I can about this world and myself. I live an anomalous lifestyle and I question anything that doesn't comply with my own morality and refuse to follow rules that disagree with my gut and my conscience - this gets me into trouble but oh, the fun I have. I try always to keep my face smiley and my soul bubbly. Negativity is noooooo, it's bad for the soul. People needa chill out man. Every so often I like to climb to the top of a mountain and admire the view. I sit there and appreciate, not so much for what I have... But for the fact that I have the ability to feel so content, peaceful and joyous with myself and my life. Some would say I am a bit of a 'social recluse.' This is because I don't feel I connect with most of the surrounding teenagers (I won't start a rave on that). I would prefer to go for a run or a bike ride, read, write, sing, play guitar, do yoga, work on my own projects... just liiiivvveee. I am perfectly happy spending time with myself :) I have had a traumatic childhood and have endured much trauma however I am immensely grateful for it. I have come out the other end and ventured on a journey of incredible post-traumatic growth. I think differently from the rest of them, I know I do - you’ll see through my writings and my posts.
Talk to me! I'd love to hear your stories, your ideas, your aspirations, your goals and ask me questions too if you're curious. I hope you enjoy my blog and my writings! Oh and definitely talk to me if you're interested in saving the world too...
Namaste ॐ


just imagine what would happen if the internet suddenly stopped working all over the world

(via yogi-living)